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Juni's Sille

Født 27/02-2008 - DKK DK04928/2008


Coco Loco's Chill Factor (Factor)
Nr. 16519/2004

HD: A AA: 0
FINV03 Mailiksen Gentleman (G) - FIN 39757/00 HD: A AA: 0 FICH SECH Strongline's Eternal Flame - FIN 15112/99 HD: A AA: 0 FICH EECH INTCH VV98 Tawastway's Fooling Around FIN 44647/96 HD: C AA: 0
INTCH EECH FICH Strongline's Jolly Known FIN 43512/96 HD: A AA: 0
FICH Mailiksen Lumikki - FIN 29480/95 HD: B AA: 0 INTCH NORDCH FICH SECH DKCH SESPOCH NOSCHBiggas Ynga (G) SF 01305/89 HD: A AA: 0
Mailiksen Villi-Ruusu SF 07647/93 HD: A
Coco Loco's Perfect Match (S) - 14401/2000 HD: A AA: 0 FICH, RUCH Gallybob Quiggley - SF 08075/93 HD: A Gallybob Odin KC R0182801R01
Gallybob Chicory KCSB 0585CA
Bubbling Maya (Tosca) (S) HD: A AA: 0 GBCH Cambremer Tom Cobbley Of Charway KC U1832802U02
Bubbling Claire De Lune SF 25502/93 HD: A

Juni's Gemme
Nr. 00758/2003

HD: A AA: 0
INTCH NORDCH DKCH SCH NCH DCHVDH PLCH SVCH NOJV02 SV03 DKKV04 KBHV06 DKKV06 Lab Treasure's Dario 14635/2001 HD: A AA: 0 GBCH NCH SCH FINCH INTCH NORDCH Carpenny Walpole (S) KCSB 3340CG HD: A AA: 0 Hawksmoors Webster KC U0095261U02 HD: A
Covetwood Elouise Of Carpenny KCSB 0335CE
INTCH DKCH SCH KBHV00 NORDV00 KBHV03 DCHVDH O'Sofinas Quite as Nice 20188/97 HD: A1 AA: 0 Trendmaker's The Moose Is Loose S 32029/94 HD: B
Loresho Jell-O SF 11846/93 HD: A
Exquisito's Adelante Muchacha 20948/98 HD: B2 AA: 0 SUCH Cassatas Quickly Qvintus (S) S28374/96 HD: UA AA: UA Follytower Man O'war S 18760/92 HD: B
Cassatas Ever Bossa Nova S 12075/92 HD: B
Juni's Fanta (G) 21699/94 HD: A2 AA: 0 Jackkillian 13649/91 HD: B AA: 0
Juni's Zheeba 06453/91 HD: A

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